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Welcome to the Scranton District Dental Society’s website.  We hope you find this site user-friendly and informative.

The SDDS is a voluntary organization comprising approximately 150 local member dentists. It is a constituency of the American Dental Association (ADA), the largest and oldest national dental society in the world, and the Pennsylvania Dental Association (PDA).  The SDDS oversees activities like Children’s Dental Health Month, public education, school visitations, and continuing education for dentists.

The mission of the SDDS is to provide dentists with a forum to discuss pertinent issues that relate to the practice and regulation of dentistry as it pertains to the health and general well being of the communities we serve.
Meeting Schedule

General Meetings

All members are encouraged to attend meetings.  There is no charge. DATE: Generally the 3rd Tuesday of each month. Be sure to check the latest newsletter or click on “events” to confirm dates, locations, and times as they are subject to change. TIME: 6:30 PM LOCATION: University of Scranton

Board Meetings

Board meetings are generally held monthly and all are invited to attend.  Please check the latest newsletter or click on “events” to confirm dates, locations, and times.

Current Officers & Directors

2020 Officers

Third District President – Dr. Samantha Abod
Third District President Elect – Thomas Helfst
Third District Treasurer – Dr. Joseph Kelly
Third District Secretary – Dr. Darlene Oleski
Third District Trustee – Dr. Richard Grossman

SDDS President – Dr. Samantha Abod
SDDS President Elect – Dr. Th omas Langan Jr.
SDDS Vice President – Dr. Tim McGurrin
SDDS Treasurer – Dr. Jessica Falk
SDDS Secretary – Dr. Megan Azar

Board of Directors

Dr. Joellen Drosinski
Dr. Charles Dennis/Government Relations
Dr. Brendan Langan
Dr. Michael Ratchford
Dr. Darleen Oleski/Government Relations
Dr. Alphonse Matrone
Dr. Andrew Brown
Dr. Kurtis Wadsworth
Dr. Charles Scrimalli

June 2020
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