Wednesday, January 13, 2021

Restorative Dentistry, Game Changes They Never Taught You in Dental School

Dr. Marc Gottlieb

Dr. Marc Gottlieb

Dr. Marc M. Gottlieb is currently on staff at Stony Brook University Hospital and maintains a full-time private dental practice in Levittown, NY.  Dr. Gottlieb received his dental degree from the University at Buffalo School of Dental Medicine.

After graduation from dental school, Dr. Gottlieb completed a two-year post-graduate residency program at Long Island Jewish Medical Center. This unique opportunity provided advanced training in anesthesiology and all the specialties of dentistry.

Dr. Gottlieb has been recognized as one of Dentistry’s Today’s Leaders in Continuing Education.


According to ADA statistics approximately 50% of dentists upon graduation from dental school continue to treat patients the same way throughout their careers. Dental school was a great foundation but dental care isn’t always black and white. Game Changers You Never Learned in or after Dental School is designed for the new dentist but will also benefit the veteran about to retire. I will demonstrate though case studies how to easily manage a variety of clinical situations you see every day and wish you were exposed to in school or continuing education programs.

You always wished there was a better way to restore that large class II or a tooth with decay into the furcation. Ever wonder how to manage saliva and bleeding? Yes, you can bond and match that one central incisor and much more will be covered.


Upon completion of this course, participants will:

  • understand how to practically incorporate Evidence Based Dentistry into your practice
  • demonstrate direct Resin Bonded Bridges for single tooth replacement and implant temporization.
  • learn how to control and manage saliva and bleeding.
  • establish a reliable acute pain management plan for your patients.
  • offer out of the box solutions to common problems.
  • incorporate new materials and techniques into your treatment plans.
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