Wednesday, January 18, 2023

So Easy, A Prosthodontist Can Do It: The Tips, Tricks and Techniques from the Daily Life of a Dual-Certified Prosthodontics/ Dental Technician

Miles Cone, DMD, CDT, FACP


Dr. Miles R. Cone impressive history,Tufts University School of Dental Medicine, completed a three-year Prosthodontic residency program while serving in the United States Army. In addition to achieving board certification and diplomate status within his specialty, Dr. Cone has also successfully fulfilled all requirements as a Certified Dental Technician.

Currently, Dr. Cone’s career in civilian life revolves around his dual role as the owner of Nuance Dental Specialists, a private practice dental clinic limited to prosthetic dentistry in the heart of Portland, ME, and his role as Editor in Chief of the American College of Prosthodontists’ quarterly publication.


The ongoing advancement of new procedures and technology within the dental profession continues to grow at an accelerated rate. The comprehensive volume of information that must be maintained to remain competent in the respective fields of study as a dentist or a dental technician, therefore, becomes increasingly difficult to sustain. Although an exhaustive knowledge base for either specialty is simply not possible, numerous overlapping philosophies and techniques have been recognized that are able to improve the daily workflow of the restorative clinician.


During this program, participants will:

  • review dogmatic principles found in the field of contemporary prosthetic dentistry and the alternative options that exist for each;
  • analyze many of the current materials available to the ceramist and dental professional that can be utilized in the restoration of implants, fixed crown and bridge, and removable prosthetic treatment plans;
  • determine the chairside/benchtop protocols that will ensure the highest efficacy as well as quality final product at delivery;
  • apply new concepts and techniques with the dental clinic and dental laboratory.
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